Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

There are times when life comes at us really fast, and the last few months have definitely been one of those times for Erin and me. From getting married; to wrapping up a school year; to moving out of a house; to spending a month traveling between Los Angeles, Singapore, and the Maldives; to packing 12 suitcases; to celebrating the life of Dan's grandmother in D.C.; to teaching workshops in Atlanta; to the drive from Pensacola to Miami; to moving our lives to the island of Curacao; to starting our new jobs at the International School - this has been a time of little reflection and a tremendous amount of action.

The kids arrived today - early, eager on their first day of the new school year - and suddenly I was back where I belonged. I am not sure if I've ever had such a clarity about my place in life, about the notion that I may have been meant to be a teacher - in fact, I don't remember having felt this way before - but I certainly knew today. I arrived at my splendid occupation entirely by accident, and although I've always enjoyed it tremendously I have also always thought that it was one of many things I could do. This line of thinking was, and perhaps in some regard still is, accurate, but I now think that I would in some way be cheating myself out of a great deal if I someday decided to stop being "Mr. K" and tackle some new occupation. Today my words, actions, exchanges, and direction came so naturally, and watching the responses of the students was so much fun; it drew out an energy that I hope I've always had in the classroom but never really appreciated. I should be tired, perhaps exhausted, but I feel renewed.

And I feel blessed. A beautiful, brilliant wife who loves me more than I will ever deserve; a family that will always be there; a group of friends that is inspiring beyond words; and a life full of adventure. It is nice to be in a place that feels like home again - after several months of transition - and to sit down and give thanks for the blessings that have entered my life. I hope, and pray, and believe the same for all of you.


Elizabeth said...

good Lord, that brought me to tears! that was an amazing read Dan. pure and honest. you are very blessed. thanks!

Christie said...

Dan-I am taking history this semester @ UWF-Will you be my teacher? Your students are lucky to have you. Can everyone say "WE LOVE HOT TEACHER!"