Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finding Dan and Erin: a Pictorial

The Kinzer Wagon at Playa Kanoa - surf's up!

Takin' a tour of the Ostrich farm

Feeding time!!!

Who's cuter? This baby ostrich is no match for Erin!

The ostrich farm's 'green' garbage disposal

Dan's very proud of the Curacao bookshelf he built

On top of the hill ... Pimpiriweg 17

Time to bring out the hammock and call it a day

One of our friends at the Tropikal Parke

The Lions we hear roaring every night wouldn't
come out to play, but this guy is almost as scary

Mr. K's International School classroom

The new gym at the International School

Erin getting settled into her new office

Packin' the wagon and heading home

This local has the idea ... sit back and relax

Exploring the Hato caves ...
Hey! Who turned out the lights?!

The Middle School yard

The International School of Curacao's Emblem

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words ... so we won't say anything. Enjoy!


Caroline said...

it's great to see pictures of your new life! what a beautiful house!

collyn said...

hey baby brother its the taylors we love you and miss you gives us a write us and drop us a line

collyn said...

hey baby bro and sis its the taylors drop us a line we miss you great sight as soon as i learn to use new computer i will send pictures of kids love your sis my email is