Saturday, July 5, 2008

An All-American Week

Public affection in Solvang, CA

Boozin' at Firestone Winery in Central California

Erin and Tim at the Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle

Dan havin' some fun behind the boat on Lake Nacimiento

Erin lookin' cute behind the boat at Lake Nacimiento

It was a long 26 hour journey back to the States after our awesome adventures in Singapore and the Maldives - 3 flights, 12 time zones, Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles - but the trip was well worth it. It is always hard coming back home after being in such exotic places but it also felt good to be back.

There was no chance for rest once we arrived in Los Angeles to spend the week with Dan's family. We were off to Santa Barbara early Monday morning to help Dan's brother Tim find an apartment. From there we spent the next 3 days exploring the Central California Coast - cruising through the Danish capital of America, sipping wine at a couple of the dozens of now famous wineries in the area, spending a day touring Hearst Castle, and enjoying a day on Lake Nacimiento wakeboarding, tubing, and surfing behind the boat. It wasn't until yesterday, the 4th of July, that we finally found some time for peace and quiet. We spent the day with Dan's family playing tennis and cards in anticipation of the fireworks show at the local park.

Surrounded by family and friends we were able to fully appreciate the blessings that come with being American, and after traveling through various parts of the world together we really do understand how much we have in this amazing country. The fireworks were great, and celebrating is always fun, but it is important to acknowledge and appreciate what they signify, and not just let the day slip past without reflecting on what it really means. Now, as we prepare to leave the country again, and this time for at least a couple of years, we are thankful for the opportunities that we have had because we were born here.

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we take the next big step in our lives together! Curacao, here we come!

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