Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diving Deep

Erin and her new friend at the Singapore Zoo

Our breakfast company

A look inside our Ocean Villa

Dan and Erin at the dinner table

A sea turtle's eye view of our Ocean Villa

Dan and Erin just dove down to 100 feet!!! We had our last scuba experience for this trip, and it was a great one. We got up close and personal to an enormous sea turtle (definitely Erin's highlight) and saw a gigantic moray eel. It is another world 100 feet below the ocean's surface, and one we are both very excited to explore.

Anyhow, we were finally able to include some photos of our last day in Singpore and our time here in the Maldives. It is hard to believe we will be making or long voyage back to the States on Sunday, but we are so thankful for having gotten the chance to see this fascinating part of the world.

We have hundreds of photographs that we can't wait to share. We will be sure to keep updating the blog with a few photos every day - surfing, scuba diving, sunsets, fishing - we promise it will be here. Just stay tuned.

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Stephanie said...

Wow! It looks like you two are living a dream! I wish I would have jumped in your suitcases! We miss you and can't wait to see you guys soon!